Quantum grammar fraud is revealed in all Acts, Statutes, Codes, Rules and Regulations by definitions of words and sentence structure. Those definitions are identified by the parts of speech and context of each word within a given sentence. And that’s what Correct-Sentence-Structure-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar is all about.

This extract is taken from the War Castles documentary series presented by Robert-LeRoy: Horton (RLH), U.S.Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command. It chronicles events of Judge David-Wynn: Miller and Russell-Jay:Gould and what their revelations about the entire international Admiralty and Maritime Law of the sea system …See Part One and Part Two

War Castles Part Three

DWM and RJG show the quantum grammar fraud, and choose to correct the system. They rewrite all the codes of statutes and laws throughout the entire international Admiralty and Maritime Law of the sea system. Because they quantumise everything into a mathematical grammatical fact, showing how it’s all quantum grammar fraud.

So now RJG’s taking tactical control of the entire system… And taking it away from these guys… Like taking matches from a little kid, and spanking him on the backside for trying to burn the house down. That’s exactly what RJG is doing.

In relation to a One-World Global Government or a New World Order… RJG’s system is not that biblical or biblically prophesied One-World Government New World Order that’s so tyrannical to crush everyone beneath its foot. He’s literally stopping that from happening.

And because they don’t want to play with him… because of what he’s doing is so great… He moves so fast and he only alerts the upper echelons, telling the bad guys: “Hey, I’m taking command and control here”.

It’s a huge oversight on his part, failing to tell the Non-Commissioned Officer chain of the military what he’s doing so people can back him… For saving the country from:

  1. One, a surrender and take-over, and
  2. Two, from the New World Order apparatus’s attempt to conquer the planet.

So RJG stops that right in its tracks with the quantum grammar fraud. But because he moves so fast and without alerting the rest of the Military, the bad guys kick him to the side and place in the Federal Reserve.

Now the banks move in, and the Federal Reserve Board moves into the Postmaster General position up in Washington DC, choosing a new Postmaster General.

End of Bankruptcy

Check it out, it’s all chronicled in the Congressional Record found in the 1999 Government Reformation Act.

And the government needs restructuring anyway, following the end of the Third and Final International Bankruptcy.

But prior to that we know this was a takeover attempt and a surrender attempt back to Great Britain… Because the Amero’s sitting there, waiting prior to the end of the Third and Final International Bankruptcy in 1999. The Amero’s already in place, waiting for the Americans to join the European Union.

So when that happens, like I say, they don’t want to play ball with him…and the Secret Societies, P2 Mason lodges, Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, and Jesuits are losing their minds. I mean these guys are pulling their hair out because RJG’s not groomed by the P2 Mason lodges.

He’s not a Mason, he’s not a Knight of Columbus, he’s not a Knight of Malta, he’s not a Jesuit. RJG’s an American guy from Wyoming who’s smart enough to figure this whole thing out and save the country from surrender.

So with that, no one wants to play with him… because there’s no way to control this guy. There’s no way to blackmail this individual. You can’t pin pedophilia on him. Nor can you pin racketeering on him. He’s done nothing but save the Nation, set up a whole new construct.

So because there’s no way to blackmail or control this guy, they don’t want to let him take over…Because he doesn’t adhere to their standard operating procedures.

He doesn’t adhere to any other of their beliefs, their belief systems, and their belief structure. And they don’t want to let him take tactical command control because Quantum grammar proves the fraud.

Quantum Grammar Rules

So after 12 years of these guys not wanting to play ball… With the United States coming to the end of its Third and Final International Bankruptcy… and the fact that this DWM & RJG capture the flag… Or that they’re declared as Sovereign … Opening up the Post Office in Washington DC…. Taking tactical command and control of the jurisdiction, or the District of Columbia, and all of the War Powers.

Next DWM mails RJG around the world as they set up this entire global construct. And they go ahead and open the United States, opening up a Quantum Technology system, and the process upsets the old system…

“Hey we need a new Banking Constitution created, we need a new Senate elected… And we need a new Congress elected, Also we need to re-substantiate how we’re gonna bring forward a President, and what he’s going to be in charge of, and set the parameters up for that. What he will be in charge of? How the bankruptcy will work if we’re even still going to ever have to go through another bankruptcy…”

But with Russell’s banking system, the President is to be in charge as Administrator of the finances still. So the system of government for the United States doesn’t necessarily come to an end, the new system needs to be recognized. It needs to be brought into place…

So after a 12-year run, on December 21st 2012, RJG and DWM open up the Benjamin Franklin Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Admiralty and Maritime and Civil Jurisdiction

When you look at Washington DC, that’s the Admiralty and Maritime jurisdiction of the sea…belonging to the king of Great Britain. And that’s how he runs his country, under the Admiralty Maritime Law of the sea. Everybody’s considered a little boat or a little vessel or a piece of cargo, that’s presumed missing, dead, or lost at sea.

Same thing in the United States… under the Admiralty Maritime jurisdiction of the sea.

So, knowing quantum grammar proves the fraud, DWM and RJG go to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… with the civil jurisdiction law of the land… opening the Post Office. The same Post Office which closed with the start of the American Revolution… And couldn’t be opened back up because they owed 1.6million francs to the French… creating the bankruptcy.

Bankrupt people can’t contract. So Great Britain comes in and the King put his Post Office there.  If they didn’t, Spain or France was going to do it.

And by posting the Title 4 Flag & opening up the Benjamin Franklin Post Office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, DWM and RJG return the entire government system to the original location.

Thus ending the Birth Certificate System… So DWM and RJG presents everybody with a Claim of Life… thereby shipping you out of the land of the dead … taking you into civil jurisdiction law of the land, where the blood testifies to the life.

And, with that, they reconstitute the entire American government again… In a proper manner, under the correct Title 4 Flag, using the Correct-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar…

To establish Correct systems of government on this planet, for you to then conduct commerce here in the United States. There are no more laws rules and regulations in relation to the old system. They’ve all been disqualified.

Kicking Out The Feds With Quantum Grammar

Iin 2017, RJG returns to the Federal Reserve in Washington DC. And since the building’s supposed to have left the United States (because the Third and Final International Bankruptcy ended) …the IRS, a debt-collection agency, has to be kicked out of the country…

Meaning the Federal Reserve should also end, but doesn’t… Because for another 20-plus years, it sits there operating in a fraudulent manner.

Now RJG says: “Hey, why is this building docked in my land? You know I’m levying a fine against you”. So he fines the Federal Reserve Board of Governors for having that vessel docked on his property.

Because the fine’s 17 million tons of gold … to assist Trump, Madis, Secretary of defense, and the rest of the military, and the people of this country to clean the swamp… So we can re-substantiate the government here.

Back the nation up, and create a new monetary system, and place the values in those quantum banking and stock-market  platforms, so that the United States can start conducting international commerce and trade again.

He’s been trying as hard as he can to try to get Mr. Donald John Trump’s attention to try to let him know what he’s doing. RJG’s been trying to give Mr Trump a flag and let him know: “Hey, I’d like to authorize what it is you’re doing. I’m behind you with the clean out 110 percent.”

This is something he tries in 1999. But the bad guys, the Deep State, kick him to the curb, and keep moving forward on their own agenda. And that Deep State apparatus is the Deep State apparatus that Donald Trump’s cleaning out of Washington DC.

Largest National Security Secret

It’s the largest national security secret in the history of the nation, if not the whole world.

In relation to how it to take down all the powers globally, you look at how it’s reconstructed. Because it’s connected to the mortgage housing financial crisis of 2007 … when this entire national security secret is revealed…

RLH ‘s been through the congressional record, and through the Presidential papers. Everything’s there, it’s all chronicled there. You can find it there.

He says: “We’ve listened to the Navy SEALs scream, and Commanding General, Major General Jerry Boykin says to get involved.  And Navy SEALs are yelling to get involved. Everybody’s yelling get involved, to us former Special Operations guys, to US military personnel, current, past, future, present.”

=> Mechanics of Slavery and Usury Through Contract [ War Castles part four...]

Get involved.  Do your own research. Take time to study quantum grammar, so you can figure out what’s gone wrong and fix it.