Mechanics of slavery and usury through contract keeps you a slave regardless of race, faith, financial and social status.

When you go into a port [or court] to navigate and set sail of your contract in that foreign port… You have to give closure on what flag you’re coming to the port with.

Nobody in the world can take that away from you. You have the right, the Sovereign right, to hoist your colours when you come into that port.

This extract is taken from the War Castles documentary series presented by Robert-LeRoy: Horton (RLH), U.S.Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command. It chronicles events of Judge David-Wynn: Miller and Russell-Jay:Gould and what their revelations about the mechanics of slavery …See Parts One, Two, and Three

War Castles Part Four

At school you may study sentence diagramming. To comprehend what words are what, and where they sit in sentence structure, through the sentence diagramming.

DWM takes this further, looking into the grammar, and how the order of operations flow. You’ll see how it flows in and out of contract in our usury. And in our day-to-day usury of our lives the mechanics of slavery.

DWM says: “ I created this mathematical interface on grammar… To show people you can write a sentence frontwards and you can write it backwards, and it has the same value.

Here’s an example: “For the bridge is over the water”. I’ll say it backwards. “For the water is under the bridge”. OVER and UNDER are opposite prepositions. And both sentences are the same picture.”

From our drivers licenses to our insurance, to our properties on title. To things such as they call the birth certificate.

“One of the predominant beliefs in modern culture is that licenses, permits, registrations, and other forms of documentation… Are required to operate Motor Vehicles, use public roads, build structures and establishments, engage in free enterprise and much more.

Sadly these beliefs are based on little to no investigation whatsoever, and are false.”

Definition of certificate

The Baron’s Dictionary of Banking Terms, defines a Certificate as “Paper establishing an ownership claim”, so right there, notice that everyone with the birth certificate, is defined as being owned.

But owned by whom?

Mechanics of Slavery By Birth Certificate

As RJG says: “ The problem is, is the fellow mankind has no identification paperwork because they’re not trained in the bankruptcy… So they carry on with their birth certificates and maintain the mechanics of slavery with the status quo… Of what they what they would normally do. They’re not trained and educated.

In studying of the slavery of mankind, there’s a charter corporation that countries take to their corporate entities…

For the identification of parcel, land, their ability to communicate…

Which means the alphabet, the numerical systems that they’re using to create sums and differences. This isn’t only for communication, but for the mathematical sequences, to find the adding, the subtracting.

All mathematical functions of that country are published at “International Bureau of Weights and Measures”. Which is an adjective-pronoun-adverb-verb.

There’s no such thing as a verb WEIGHT. And there’s no such thing as a verb MEASURES… Because OF is an adverb, as it lacks the Article to command the authority of the FACT.

So now OF is the adverb, making Weights and Measures a verb.

No such thing.

Mechanics of Slavery By Grammar

It’s all fictitious conveyance of grammar.

At a later date and later time, RJG sues for those charters… He now has a correct “Global-Bureau Of The Weights And Measures”. But at that specific time in Washington DC, of 1999, RJG doesn’t yet have the technology.

Yet their bills of the ladings were null and void, which means that meant that their birth certificate system, for creating our fellow mankind as a slave, is gone.

RJG: “And we became cognizant that their location to enforce all this was the courtrooms.

This is where they enforced the contracts.

And when we started breaking apart the function of that courtroom and the courthouse… It took us into many fields such as Postal, such as law of the flag, such as bailments, time lines and the mechanics of slavery…

For those contracts to come in and out of those courthouses.

As we broke those down, we gave closure to these foreign judges who were in these courthouses… They started playing their games.

RJG hits them up with timelines to undo what they did. Because it was merely to capture the contract, and learning the Bailment of timelines.

Of how they move you as a piece of cargo in and out of there.

Starting with the birth certificate at your docking on this planet called … the hospitals.

Their port of entries.

PORT being a pronoun, OF being an adverb, ENTRY being a negative TRY. EN means NO.

So it’s No-Try. Port-Of-No-Try.

Mechanics Of The Order Of Operations

When you study this syntax, which is the mechanics of the order of operations of how words come together… DWM develops a numerical cypher code to identify what things made things a fact.

“We use zero as a Conjunction. And there’s two conjunctions in the English language.

AND is a command in the word. OR is an option.

Now the adverb, we give a 1.

Because the adverb is used more than any other word… The adverb is a modifier, and modifies the speed of which something is going to be modified at.

Now the adverb will modify a verb… Which is thinking or motion. So when you have a 1 in front of a 2 it’s an adverb creating the verb.

Now 3 is used for an adjective. Because an adjective represents colour, opinion and modifier for a modification. This means you’re going to change something… To try to influence an individual’s ability to think by colouring it.

If you colour something and you change it, you’re actually committing perjury… Because you’re injecting your own prejudice, or your opinions based on how you’re going to describe it.”

[RJG]…And what make things verb or adjectives are creating subjective interpretation into adjective- pronouns or verbs… That don’t exist in time and space.

Foreign Sovereigns Immunity Act

There’s good and bad in everything. In the US Judicial System, they jump under what they call the employees of the courtroom… Being the judges, the clerks, the sheriffs, the bailiffs, the prosecutors, the defendant – they all jump behind what was called “The Foreign Sovereigns Immunity Act”.

The Foreign Sovereigns Immunity Act, is the bankruptcy protection of Sovereigns… But they are no longer Sovereigns, while they’re bankrupt.

So DWM and RJG had to uncover what made the Courts bankrupt. How did they get to that bankrupt position to be under the safe guard of The Foreign Sovereigns Immunity Act?

Well, the United States government came up through three bankruptcies.

Stemming from when they first borrowed the money on 1st July 1775. Years later they find answers hiding in Benjamin Franklin’s Book at Benjamin Franklin Post Office Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

And in his Bank Charter, showing where they borrowed the money, and how it worked.

This leads to the 1929 stock market crash. And then the 70-year moratorium for international bankruptcies run seventy years, which takes us to 2nd November 1999. It’s actually 17th September 1999, and 45 days takes you to the election.

So during the 1999 -2000 Presidency, in his book, Mr. Clinton says he’s the last US president.

He’s saying he’s not telling the people the truth of what would actually happened.

The USA Federal government had to physically vacate the Constitution… Those are the rules and guidelines for the bankruptcy. And they physically had to leave the District of Columbia for so many days.

Hence the Florida Chads of the year 2000, on the presidential election. Because the president was the trustee, the administrator, the chief administrator, of the bankruptcy. That was his function. All presidents. During the bankruptcy.

Mechanics of Slavery and Court Systems

RJG figured out the judicial system, mechanics of slavery, how the jail’s being a clearinghouse for custom house brokers. How when you check into their jail system, you engage in usury with them. And they run you on timelines in those vessels.

When you go into a port to navigate and set sail of your contract in that foreign port… You have to give closure on what flag you’re coming to the port with.

Nobody in the world can take that away from you.

You have the right, the Sovereign right, to hoist your colours when you come into that port.

And there are timelines that function within that.

In Dane County, Wisconsin, RJG was a method server as Postmaster for the [de]livery of the mail in a lawsuit by a Federal-Judge- Janis-Kay: Logan. He was not involved in J.-K.: Logan’s cases. He was simply a mail server.

Because they didn’t like the mail they attempted to prosecute RJG.

RJG: “This was … after I set up the global construct, and logged in the flag with the Secretary of the Navy’s office…

During this trial I learned how Two-Faced they could be. The first 30-days I was picked up while coming to testify in another trial unrelated to the Wisconsin apparatus coming against me.

But I did one very [in]telligent thing.

I registered my paperwork first under 3-day notice with the Secretary of the Navy’s office for the marshal law… because I was walking into a foreign vessel in dry-dock under martial law.

RJG registered the contract with the Secretary of the state’s office for the state of North Carolina. He registered it with the nearest post office to the courthouse… and through the US Customs in the territory of the North Carolina.

Slavery By Intimidation

When he shows up to testify in that specific trial RJG was taken in the back room by the US Marshal Service. RJG wouldn’t let go of the paperwork. So they told him they were going to move him to Wisconsin, for other charges filed against him.

“And the charges, I said, well there’s nothing but boxes here. Anything in a box is not on a page.”

The US Marshal Service wouldn’t hear it. Next they contact the prosecutor. They put him on speaker. Because they did that guys like … this is the marshals, like… you’re right. This is boxing. We shouldn’t move you, he says, but you got to hear this.

“We know you know about the grammar,” he says. “But it’s out of our hands. So we have to move you to the County Sheriffs”.

When I got to the County Sheriff’s office, (because they were functioning as a facilitator to move me to Wisconsin), they engaged in hurting me. During that time frame it was 30 days with no food on that specific roll. What that meant was I wouldn’t engage in usury with their system… Which means they couldn’t book me with the mechanics of slavery. They couldn’t get my finger prints. Nor could they get my picture… and I wouldn’t wear their clothes. So they stripped my clothes off of me, and sat me in a Cell, naked for 30 days.

Naked and Hungry

At the end of that 30 days, the Wisconsin people showed up to move me to Wisconsin. When I got to Wisconsin, Dane County, Wisconsin, I stood my ground again. I wouldn’t book, or participate with their usury system… So it got physical.

And if I touched the food, they’d take me to booking and say: “You’ve engaged in usury, you have to participate with our system.”

If I didn’t touch the food, they would never take me to booking. So they were playing the game and for 70 days I sat there without food. They’d beat on the walls, repeating: “What’s your name? What’s your crime?”

RJG refused to speak with them.

Mechanics of the Flag

“They couldn’t get me to traverse, because their flags that they were flying on their lapels were wrong. And they were all flying yellow fringe flags… But I had the flag filed at the United Nations and at the Pentagon, and I had a duty to never surrender.

So, I was a sovereign and I had the flag and the credentials. And they were trying to get me to go into their system and I refused.”

They couldn’t identify who they were, because they were wearing yellow fringe flags. And the yellow fringe flag means nothing. So they were advertising nothing, because they were nothing.

RJG: “So here I am, the Postmaster General of the United States Postal Service, the sovereign to secede Britain, and I’ve got these underlings with birth certificates with no education beat me down, acting as a vassal for an apparatus behind them.

A Deep State, telling them that I’m crazy, and I’m the bad guy, and to get me to surrender the flag, so that they could have a position saying that there’s no one there to stop them.
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