Quantum physics entanglement becomes what you think about most, determining your success or failure to master Quantum Syntax Grammar technology.

Why is this relevant to Correct-Sentence-Structure Communications-Parse-Syntax-Grammar?

Think about how you landed on this website. How you are reading this particular post. And consider your journey on the road to mastering Correct-Sentence-Structure Communications-Parse-Syntax-Grammar, also known as Quantum Grammar…

Well, we are all connected, according to Captain Ajit Vadakayil, as he briefly explains Quantum physics. You are what you think, you believe what you think, and those thoughts determine your success of failure in mastering DWM’s Quantum Grammar technology. The following extract is taken from ajitvadakayil.blogspot.com

Here we go–

As per quantum physics, things do not exist in its physical form, unless they are observed by a conscious observer.

In every experiment when an observer expected energy to behave as a particle, it did so. When he thought it would probably be wave-like, it was.

And when observers believed it might start out as one form and end up as another, it did so.

This means… nothing actually exists in its physical form until observed by someone… was adopted by the group as one of the concepts.

Connected With Quantum Physics Entanglement

You created them by your expectations and your thoughts of what should be. In every situation in your life, including the wealth or lack of it you choose to attract to you.

Thanks to the theory of ERP Quantum Entanglement, originally asserted by Albert Einstein and two fellow scientists, Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen, we now have proof that what Vedanta had been saying for 9000 years is true.

We are all connected [by quantum physics entanglement]. We are all One, sharing a consciousness with the entire universe, perhaps even many universes.

Quantum Entanglement occurs when two particles are created from a single source and then split in two in a laboratory setting. Once split, these two photons will be exact opposites of each other. They will be perfect mirror images of each other and once created, they will ALWAYS mirror one another.

If these photons are allowed to separate and only one is exposed to a magnetic field to increase its spin, the spin of the other particle also changes (all be it in the direct opposite direction). The other particle INSTANTLY acquires the opposite quantum state of the particle exposed to the magnetic field.

Basically what quantum physics entanglement tells us is that particles of energy communicate with one another.

And it doesn’t matter if the two particles are ten feet, ten miles or ten thousand miles away.

They instantly communicate with one another.

This not only indicates that energy is thinking stuff, it tells us each particle also knows what energy particles elsewhere are doing. That means all energy, everywhere, is connected. And since we are made of energy, as is everything else, that means we are connected, too.

Not only are we all connected… we now know we are always right.

Thinking Quantum

No matter what we think our circumstances are, our assumption is correct because energy is going to make us right… By picking up on those thoughts we hold on to for dear life and playing them right back at us as our reality…

If you think life is a struggle, then life will be a struggle. If you think you must live a life of limitation, pulling yourself along a track of fate from payslip to payslip… Then that track of fate is where you’ll stay.

No matter what our past thoughts may have created, the moment we begin thinking thoughts of wealth, health, prosperity and abundance… Those little bundles of energy will pick up on that new signal and scramble to become physical matter mimicking our thoughts.

Don’t forget that EVERYTHING is made up of these amazing energy bundles that not only think, but respond to our thoughts, as well.

It isn’t just quantum physics entanglement that tells us that, either. Vedic sages have been saying it for 10000 years.

Now we have proof.

Every form and process you see in nature is the visible expression of a thought in Original Substance… We live in a thought world, which is part of a thought universe.

You are an energy sculptor, an artist, a creator.

So you literally and specifically create your world by the power of your thinking. And once you create something with your thoughts, your attention to it keeps it there.

Is that not incredible?

You are the creator and, along with God, the co-creator of your world and of everything surrounding you. You are the cause that produces the effect.

The thoughts you think repeatedly, the emotions you feel and hold onto and will not let go of… These thoughts and feelings are constantly creating your world, day in and day out, minute by minute, second by second.

Changing Your Mind With Quantum

You do become what you think about. Because your thoughts, feelings and emotions created it, you’re responsible for it.

Not your parents, or your spouse, or your children, or your job, or your economy, or your locale.

In fact, not anything at all except you.

Just you!

And what you don’t like…

YOU can change by doing nothing more than changing your mind.

It really is that simple.

No matter how it might look, no matter how it might feel: It’s not solid, it is not real.

Because it is energy, pure cosmic energy, manifested into matter by the continued focus of your thinking…

By your consciousness.

All those countless little particles of energy conforming to your thoughts because that is what energy does.

It becomes what you think about most.

What do you think? Share your thoughts below…