Learn quantum grammar baby steps, (Parse Syntax Grammar) is like a child learning to walk, losing balance and falling over.

If you remember learning to walk, or watching children take their first steps, you can be sure of one thing…

They don’t spend endless hours searching for the “right” or”best” U-Tube videos, text books, or study-courses to watch before taking their first steps in learning to walk.

That’s for sure…

But that doesn’t mean Watching isn’t part of the process.

Watching, observing, listening, and thinking…

Are ALL part of the process.

They ARE the process in learning to walk.

Children learn to walk from watching their siblings or parents.

One day they just decide:

I’m fed up of crawling around… I wanna do what everyone else is doing…

So they give it a go. Maybe they lose balance, wobble. And they fall over.

But they certainly don’t think:

“I don’t have time. I just can’t work this out. It doesn’t make sense to me, walking only back-legs, when I can get around faster on all-fours…

After all, the pet dog walks on all-fours, so does the pet cat. ..I’m not going to do it because I don’t understand the physics…

I wish there was a course in learning to walk.”

Really? Is that how it is for children learning to walk? Children learn to walk by DOING.

Learn Quantum Grammar – Child’s Play

So why do adults have so much difficulty when they  learn quantum grammar, or CSSCPSG?

DWM’s got over 2500 seminars notched up.

Touring all over the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe… And he’s over 200 hours of videos freely available online.

Pray tell, what’s so hard about Watching + Doing what DWM does on the whiteboard?

It’s child’s play …

Like children learning to walk.

Yes, you’ll fall over, yes you’ll get a bit bruised, lose your balance, etc.

You may even sit in a heep on the floor bawling your eyes out.

Doesn’t matter.

The only way to learn CSSCPSG is to watch DWM, and do what he’s doing on the whiteboard.

To know, and not to Do… Is not to know.

So don’t pretend you know it,if you ain’t doing it.

DWM tells you everything.

Just take baby steps.

Start with syntaxing.

Every day.

For five minutes.

Start with syntaxing this article if you can’t find anything else to syntax.

Or download the “Terms & Conditions” that you automatically accept when you sign up for the latest software. You can syntax the newspaper,trash info-tainment magazine, or even the back of your credit card statement.

Doesn’t matter.

As your mate Nike says “Just Do it”

And stop hunting around for that perfect CSSCPSG course.

DMW has over 90,000 hours of learning.

No one else comes close. So remember, if children can learn to walk by watching, observing, listening, and thinking…

And you started off as a wee bairn, too…

So just do it…

Baby steps …

Five minutes of syntaxing.

If you really want to learn quantum grammar, you’ll find the five minutes…

Who hasn’t got five minutes to syntax today?