Skimmers fail with Quantum Correct-Sentence-Structure-Parse-Syntax-Grammar (CSSCPSG) and who isn’t guilty of skimming, & missing words?

Having half-an-ear on a conversation while checking fakebook messages on the phone, slurping on a coffee and checking out the eye-candy…

Or glancing at trashy headlines while queuing at the grocery-store check-out.

Too busy jumping to conclusions, or second-guessing about what’s being said.

Skimmers sign stuff without first reading the document, so they accept the terms & conditions by voluntary compliance…

And that’s the danger of skimming, and why most people soon find themselves in sticky situations.

Are you skimming this article, right now?

“Let those that have eyes…let them see.”

“And those that have ears…let them hear”

How is it that many people think Noah takes on board two of a kind, birds, beasts, animals, insects onto his Ark…

Though, when you look closely, you’ll discover the story tells us that he takes seven of each type of the “clean” animals… And only two of each of the “unclean”… check it out…

Then there’s the story of Jesus and the five loaves and two fishes… to feed 5,000 people…

Upon closer inspection of the scriptures, you’ll see the headcount includes only the men. The women and children are not numbered, meaning there could be 25,000 in the crowd…

And after everyone is fed, there’s 12 baskets full of leftovers… Talk about the world’s largest bake-off…

Again, just a minor detail regarding the nativity… How often do you hear carolers signing about “We Three Kings”?

We’re told there’s the “three wise men”, bringing gold, frankincense, and myrrh… Is that purely an assumption that there are only three gift-bearers?

What’s skimming learning Quantum Grammar?

Or writing Quantum Contracts?


It’s all in the detail.

By missing one word, you can change the whole sentence structure.

That’s why DWM says to always check the parsa syntex grammer.

And to write the sentence backwards/frontwards, for the mathematical certification.

DWM devotes his life to stopping and correcting all the wrong-doings thru’ bastardisation of the language.

And the importance of punctuation.

The best source to learn CSSCPSGP is by reading, buying a copy of his book, and watching DWM videos.

When Skimmers watch DWM videos, they miss the meat & potatoes.

Too busy looking for the “quick fix” shortcuts to learning quantum.

Skimmers fail at Quantum

If you’re guilty of skimming, then stop learning quantum.

Or stop skimming, and take the time to read EVERY word in every document.

In every email.

In every contract.

And watch everything in DWM videos, because they are full of golden-nuggets.

Watch. LISTEN.

Observe. THINK.

Or don’t. And sink in the poo…

It’s your choice to join those skimmers fail with Quantum grammar