Brain changes by learning quantum grammar, taking the “average” student at least 200 hours to grasp CSSCPSG, supporting DWM’s claim after 80,000 hours of study, and giving over 2500 seminars…

The best source to learn CSSCPSGP is by reading, buying a copy of his book, and watching DWM videos.

And, according to Harvard researcher, Alvaro Pascual-Leone, if you don’t stick with it, you’ll lose it.

Meaning that if you’re serious about learning Quantum Grammar, then you’ll be wasting your time if you’re only “dabbling”, or picking it up now and then.

So just forget it and stay on the current path…

Or make the decision to move on with your life, by taking action every day.

In Pascual-Leone’s research, volunteers practice a simple one-handed piano exercise, two hours a day for five days.

Then after only five days, he sees the area of the brain that controls those fingers is enlarged and enriched.

Now he splits the group, and one half continue practicing for four weeks; the other stops.

The brain mapping changes disappear in the group no longer practicing.

And a third group, who only mentally practiced the piano exercise show almost exactly the same brain changes after five days as the group who had really practiced.

Neuroscientists know now that all habits have a physical existence in the structure of the brain.

Brain Changes Almost Immediately

This is good news for you wanting to flush the adverb-verb fiction …

Because your brain changes almost immediately with practice, whether real or imagined… Which could explain why DWM says you’ll get headaches when you start watching his videos.

You can read more about the psychology in “ReWire – Change Your Brain To Break Bad Habits” by Richard O’Connor.

Bad news is …

As we practice bad habits more and more, they become like railroad tracks, and we ignore much healthier and more direct ways of getting what we need.

“So under stress we take a drink, or have a snack, or pick a fight, or get depressed, all without awareness that we have made a decision”, says Richard O’Connor. “Our bad habits operate unconsciously.”

“They don’t go away as we practice better behavior; they just fall into disuse.”

And they can easily be revived, because we don’t tear up the old tracks when we build new ones. We just let them get rusty and weedy.
– – – – – — – –

It’s time to get serious.

Stop dabbling with CSSCPSG.

Either stay on those rusty old railway tracks…

Or Don’t.

And enjoy those brain changes by Learning Quantum Grammar.