Mindset learning quantum grammar takes a shift in thinking. Having to unlearn everything your grade-school English. Basic grammar, parts of speech, & mathematics order of operations.

Maybe you’ve come across a simple Mindset Formula for Success along these lines:

You want a Ferrari, so make copies of photographs of the model and colour of the car you desire, and stick these photographs all over your house, hoping that somehow one day your car will magically appear in your driveway …

No, it will not.

Not just by sticking photographs on your bathroom mirror, your fridge, your wardrobe, or wherever else you might stick them…

And just so we are clear, having a Ferrari may not be your chosen “reward” for success, so you can substitute the word “Ferrari” for anything that works best for you.

Think about this: How old are you now?

Well, it’s taken you that long to get to where you are now.

You’ve been practicing and training to get here every day of your life.

All those recurring thoughts, all those limiting beliefs, all that self-talk and constant chattering in your head, every day.

The [not] funny thing is, that you’ve been doing it all your life.

Living your life with all these perceptions and beliefs.

We all do it.

Secret Mindset Learning Quantum Grammar

The fact that you’ve been using the Secret Formula all your life, except for a tiny little itsy-bitsy thing…

You’ve reached the point in your life where you are fed up of being fed up.

Sick and tired… of being sick and tired, and you want change…

That’s the key.

Acknowledging the situation is the first step of Learning Quantum Grammar

Accept the situation.

And be grateful you have finally recognised that you know that are where you are right now, and that you accept it for what it is, good or bad.

Without beating yourself up.

That’s the foundation to move on.

Step Two

The Second step of the right mindset Learning Quantum Grammar is a little harder.

You are where you are because of the choices that you’ve made.

See… That’s hard, to take responsibility for the situation that you’re in.

Particularly when we live in a Society where everyone else is to blame.

Where everybody is looking for someone else to sue, to point the finger.

Maybe it’s the Birth Certificate, or the Banks… Or the Government…

It’s just so frustrating… We just want it fixed.

And you want to opt out – not be part of the system…

Go look in the mirror. Take a deep breath. And accept that you are who you are.

And you are 100 percent Okay.

There’s nothing wrong with you, except that there is something that’s not quite right…

Step Three

You recognize something’s not quite right, and the only person to fix it is staring at you in the mirror.

And now, step three… drumroll…

Step three is the really HARD part.

Step three is worse the brain surgery, because it can’t be performed by anyone else except you.

There’s no magic drug.

There’s no clinic that you can go and attend to be operated on.

You’re the only one who can fix it.

To move forward, and to make changes in your situation, means having the belief that things are going to change.

Having the no doubts.

Stepping out in faith.

Can you hear that voice in your head right now?

That’s it… the one saying: “I’ve heard all this before, it’s all garbage.”

Or “I tried that once, it didn’t work.”

Those voices in your head serve and protect you from any dangers that may be lurking around the corner.

You have the power to believe and listen to those voices in your head…And the power to decide how you interpret the actions, events and circumstances that surround you every day.

You, and only you, can decide if today is a good day for you, or a bad day; or if you are happy or sad.

Mindset Learning Quantum Grammar 3 Steps

Only you can decide to believe that your life can be transformed by learning Quantum Grammar.

It starts with deciding that every day is a great day, regardless of obstacles and situations that arise…

And you’re happy every morning when you leap out of bed, come rain, snow, thunder hail or sunshine.

That “stuff happens” … but not to you, because you are too busy focusing on positive stuff…

Too busy believing in positive outcomes…

And knowing deep down that you’ll master quantum grammar…

You have what it takes to write quantum contracts, and help to stop and correct wrong-doings that caused you grief in the past.

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