Most important day of your life is to-day, because you cannot change what happened yesterday… And no one can say what the morrow will bring.

No one can be sure, that when they go to sleep tonight that they will indeed wake up in the morning. And those of us that do wake up to start a new day, will be getting up “today”.

We don’t get up “tomorrow”, or on the morrow, because that is in future time, and yesterday was in the past.

It’s gone.

What happened yesterday, or last week or last month or last year, has happened.

Whether we want to re-write the history books, or change documents to reflect a different narrative, it matters not.

You are reading this post, right now, today, this instant.

So why do so many people get caught up in worrying about the past?

And why do people get concerned about the future? We have no control over the past, and no control over the future. Yet we can decide to be worried about both.

We can become fearful about what might happen in the future…

Or we can decide to be happy, full of fun and laughter.

Either way, happy or sad, makes no difference to the past or future… But it does make a difference to how you feel right now.

And how you feel right now, your emotional well-being, affects your physical well-being and health… Which affects your mental well-being, or attitude.

So if you feel sad, your body feels slovenly, you lack energy, and that can affect your appetite, and drain your immune system… Increasing odds of becoming sick, which makes you feel sad…

Two Most Important Days

Mark Twain wrote the two most important days in your life:

  1. The day you’re born, and
  2. The day you work out why you were born – your purpose on this planet

Yet, every day, the most important decision you make, is how you feel.

You can decide to feel happy, which lifts your energy levels, which increases the immunity to disease and infection… This helps your body feel better, which makes you feel happier… So things don’t look as bleak as perhaps you thought they were.

Do you not think it strange, that so many people are frightened, anxious, and full of stress… About situations and events that may or may not happen tomorrow, next week, next month or next year and beyond?

Imagine living your life being excited about positive things that may happen in the future.

And imagine being so enthusiastic and animated about forthcoming events… having faith, like little children waiting for Santa to arrive on Christmas Eve, bearing gifts.

Since we have control or influence over what happened yesterday or anytime before that, and we cannot live in the future…

Doesn’t it make sense that The Most Important Day in Your Life is Today?

But you do have some control and influence over what you do this very second, this instant, right now… what you are thinking, right now…

Because where you are right now, is the result of actions and decisions you have already made. And where you are in the future will be the result of thoughts, actions and decisions that you are making now, every day.

Most Important Priorities

Some people will sit on their behinds unhappy with their circumstances, believing that somehow tomorrow will be different that today. And they may be correct.

No matter how bad your circumstances may seem to you today…

Since you are reading this article, then you are already leaps and bounds ahead of millions of people in this world.

You’re educated to a level where you can read this article…

Which has been accessed by an electronic device and the world wide web.

Even in the early part of the twenty-first century, millions of people do not have those luxuries.

You also have the time available to read this article…

Suggesting that your priorities of hunting and gathering food and water have been satisfied for at least the next few hours.

Again, that puts you ahead of many less fortunate people.

Sometimes we get so caught up worrying about our present circumstances that we forget how fortunate we really are…

And how trivial our problems are.

So we miss the moment.

We forget to enjoy each day as we live it.

We get so focused and caught up in past events that have moulded and shaped us…

Putting so much energy into imagining pending “doom and gloom” …That these precious moments of life we’re living this very moment, just slip through our fingers.

When is the last time that you stopped for a moment, and got rid of all the distractions around you?

Most Important Time of Day

After a good night’s sleep, our bodies and minds have recovered, and we can start today with a new canvas.

From the moment people woke up this morning, they grabbed their cell phones, checked their emails, text messages… And look at their social media accounts, even before they acknowledged their loved ones.

Then they turn on the TV or in house entertainment system and have music playing or voices or news items in the background. And continue to be interrupted and distracted all day until they go to sleep tonight to then rinse and repeat the next day.

What does this do to your brain, to your mind, to your spirit, and to your body?

Being constantly bombarded by external messages gives you little time and opportunity to enjoy the stillness and beauty of each moment.

And so we forget to live in the moment. Why miss all these precious seconds and minutes and hours, living in a constant rush, over and over.

If You Don’t Like Mondays…

If you’ve been feeling down, or thinking that everything is going against you, then today’s the day for a new beginning…

Which is why today is the most important day of your life.

If you want this to be a better week than last week, then start today, by making today the best day that you can possibly make it.

Because a great week starts with one great days, followed by another great day, and another and another…

There will always be “Ups and Downs”, just as there are always good days and not-so good days.

And there’s only one judge of a “not-so-good” day… and that judge is you. If you decide that each day is going to be a great day, then what does it matter what other people think?

Think of someone that you know who always seems to have “great days”. Someone for whom, no matter what they do, or where they go, or who they meet, everything is always fabulous and fantastic.

Do you really think that they are so blessed that nothing goes wrong for them?

Or is it more the case that no matter what happens, they always see the positives in everything?

They always find the fun or laughter and joy in every situation they experience, every day.

Have a Happy Choose-Day…

If you don’t like Mondays, have a happy Choose-Day…

You have the choice. To decide, before you get out of bed, that today Is  a Great Day.

And decide how to look at today’s events… How to assess your current circumstances.

We get to decide whether we’re happy or sad; whether we laugh or cry about a situation; whether something’s good or bad.

You choose whether to focus on the positives, or add fuel to the fire of the negatives.

It’s up to us to get caught up in arguments or fights… Do you choose  anger over love?

Or to buy into problems of other people, to be dragged down into the valley of despair…

Instead of making the decision that No Matter What, today is a great day…

And today really is the most important day of your life.

Because it’s your Only Day, right now.

If you knew today was your last day on this planet, would you really want to spend it arguing or fighting?

Getting caught up in petty nonsense, or worrying about what might happen next week?

Or would you want to enjoy each precious moment with loved ones, in fun and laughter, joy and happiness?

So why wait to do all that in your last weeks and days?

Why not take that approach every day, from now on?

Decide each morning, when you wake up, that today’s the most important day of your life…

And live each moment to the best of your ability.

For without living today, you don’t get tomorrow.

Since you don’t know if you’ll be blessed with another day, why waste today, the most important day of your life?

This is why today is the most important day of your life.