Post Office controls all government and militaries, which controls all paper money & commerce planet-wide… Establishing the New World Order in 1873, according to DWM.

While the Quantum Grammar Coach’s notes on this page are taken from DWM videos, do you own research by reading DWMLC.NET and watching DWM videos.

On 15 January 2009, DWM breaks the code of who is in charge since 1800, and certifying how the lie has perpetrated the entire planet.

Then on 6 April 1998 DWM perfects the mathematic interface on language was

And on 2 January 2000, he perfects NOW-TIME

On 15 January 2009, DWM discovers who the N.W.O. actually is, and what the true title of all courts on planet earth are.

For 8500 years, there’s never been a treaty, trust or contract written for any human being on this planet, until syntaxed language was developed.

In august 2009, in front of 90 chiefs, DWM said the Universal Postal Union since 1800 has never had the CSSCPSyntax for any treaty, trust or contract for any country at any time.

On 2nd September 2009, US government, better known as US Post Office, ordered Berne Switzerland to turn over 47000 numbered accounts

$4trillion was put into US treasury.

All 47000 account holders could come forward and claim their money and answer the question “where did you get the money? And how did you get it out of the USA without paying the taxes?”

So US treasury gets to keep the $4trillion

And because Berne, Switzerland, which was the N.W.O under the Universal Postal Union… Now with this technology has no treaty, trust or contract for any country under postal, so they create the great depression.

Post Office and 2009 GFC

DWM syntaxes the bank treaties and insurance company treaties leading to the Global Financial Crises of 2009.


INS = No Contract

Every word that starts with a vowel, followed by two consonants = No Contract
Look up every word, and their synonyms.

DWM spends two years with staff of 12 people, and verify that every word that starts with a vowel, followed by two consonants = No Contract

Now look at every treaty, law, contract and see how many words start with a vowel, followed by two consonants = No Contract

And then read “No Contract” instead of that word…



DWM doesn’t use “International” the word is GLOBAL

Take “bad” words, and correct them with their synonym

Quantum Language Rules

Quantum language has jurisdiction over all countries, all languages, all religions, all political organizations globally.

3 + 3 = 6.

It doesn’t equal every other number in the universe called infinity, which is a lie.

Quantum language only deals with the FACT.

When lawsuits are filed using CSSCPSG, and the court comes back and says we are not going to use the CSSCPSG, they’re admitting their process is not correct = it’s a lie = perjury

So it doesn’t matter what language you speak, what religion, what government you belong to, every country has a law for perjury.

Prosecuting Judges and Attorneys

By 2010, DWM removes 4000 judges and 2200 US attorneys. And in order for DWM to prosecute a judge or attorney, he needs a written, autographed confession, by that individual.

DWM says: “All the people currently in power, whether they be a politician or clergyman… Anyone involved in court system, attorneys, barristers, lawyers or judges…
Their signed confessions have been sitting there 8500 years…”

People don’t pay attention.

When people sign documents they use cursive writing = to curse = to talk to dead people = to do evil to others

“I swear” = I curse = To tell lies, and do evil on an individual, because of modification of language.

Italics = illusion = to remove from paper = avoid or omit.

And their paperwork does not have full Closure.

This is not the same as “DIS-Closure”

DIS = Demon God of the underworld.

CLOSURE = what is the volition of writing the contract.

By capitalising the name, using Nom De Guerre = killing people on paper = dead people

1995 – DWM writes apology bill for Hawaiian people…

Hawaiians elect DWM as first king since 1893, because he guaranteed that all contracts would be mathematically correct:

He doesn’t interfere with their customs, religions or politics. And he only guarantees the value of the contract to be mathematically certified.

DWM Sues US Government

Filing his paperwork at the World Court, DWM successfully sues the United State Government.

So Bill Clinton has to apologise to Hawaiian people for stealing the lands in 1893, and again on 25 August 1959 when Hawaii became 50th state of USA.

Only Pearl Harbour is in treaty, as in a military force granted to the USA Military through the Post Office.

Using Adverb-Verb To Commit A Felony

That’s what DWM says when the immigration officer asks DWM to complete a form upon arrival in Australia.

What do you mean?

This form, you’re using Adverb-Verb. “State of Australia”
State = Pronoun
Of = Adverb, modifies
Australia = verb.

“You’re giving me a false document and you want me to sign it… and participate in the perjury?

I can’t do that. If you’re administering a document to me in your official capacity, you’ll be committing a felony.

Because if I see a crime being committed, I am obliged to stop and correct the wrong-doing.

And if you graduated from High School, did you cheat in your English exam? Or cheat at University graduation?

Did you take a civil service exam and cheat in English? Modifying all your nouns with adverbs, creates adverb-verb documents, with no facts.

By doing this aren’t you mis-representing the fact that you are lacking in education, because you can’t read or write…

And now you are taking money…

So who’s paying your wages?

The Port Authorities, through the Department of Transportation, controlled by the Post Office, which controls the Treasury.

So we pay taxes into the Treasury, which pays you…

And you’ve misappropriated tax-payer funds while engaged in criminal activity, and fraudulent conveyance of language without an education.

That means you’re going to get fired.

Post Office Controls Contracts

Once you learn CSSCPSGP technology, no one …

a “real person” can’t ever lie to you again.
RE= No
AL = Contract.

RE-AL = No Contract.

And all contracts, for 8500 years, are “real” = No-Contract.

Real Estate = Re-Al Est-ate
No-contract, no Contract…

Because how did we get the land? The land was stolen from the original indigenous owners…

And the Post Office, through the Military, sells it to the unsuspecting buyer, which is called “AILING”.

Therefore we have No-Contract, No Contract and guarantee the military will kill any one who tries to steal your “No-Contract”

While the military are hired to be the criminals to protect the land.

All words being used in these contracts are an ILLUSION…

Our whole entire society, from A – Z is predicated on a negative condition of everything, with negative words.


UND = No Contract

“No Contract Stand”

So, if you AGREE, to UNDERSTAND, is to accept Adverb-Verb contract, which is void of all FACTS.

USA traffic Infringements contain 400-500 mistakes, when you syntax it. They quote Acts, Statutes, Codes, etc with Numbers, e.g “Section 142”

The number “142” is also an acronym. Show me the definition on the Infringement Notice. (It’s somewhere else).

So there’s no continuation of evidence.

The piece of paper handed to you on the Highway is a MARITIME BILL OF LADING.

Because you’re driving a licensed vehicle owned by the Government.

And you have a license as an operator of the vehicle = PUBLIC SAFETY

Post Office Controls Public Safety

The Post Office controls the movement of all vessels on planet earth. That include you, because you are a vessel. And your Birth Certificate is the certificate of your vessel being registered with the Government.

And vessels are controlled by the Port Authority, which means that Public Safety is controlled by the Port Authority.

Look at Pre-Fixes of every day words.


THE = adverb, modifies
DECLARATION to be a verb
OF = adverb, modifies
INDEPENDENCE to be a verb

DE = No
CLARE = Speak
ION = Contract

IN = No
DE = No
PEN = Write
ENCE = Contract

No-Speak-Contract, No-No-Write-Contract


WE = Pronoun
THE = Adverb, modifies


PRO = No
NO = No
UN = No

Pronoun = No-No-No

If you are “in the future” you don’t exist, you’re in a negative condition of state.

Look at how many laws or codes say:

No Person Shall = 1 – 2 – 1.9

So now you are in a condition of modification in the future. The future hasn’t happened, therefore the condition is mute.

If you are “in the future” you don’t exist, you’re in a negative condition of state.

As a negative condition of “NO” – there is no such thing as a no.

You can’t prove a negative condition of state.
Is there such a thing as “darkness”?

No, there’s only an absence of energy.

Knowledge Is The Key

What is a verb?

If you are a verb, you must be a fiction, because I’m looking at a “solid” but a see a verb, because we bastardise your identity on a piece of paper, we now turn you into a nothing.

So when you agree to it, you agree that you are a fiction.

Then they “Nom de Guerre” your name, turning you “fiction” into a dead entity.

Dead people cannot own property or write contracts.

First Thing
Prove to any one that you have knowledge. If you don’t have knowledge you cannot participate.

You’ve said nothing.
Under Title 46, Chapter781, you’re a derelict vessel in dry-dock.
And under maritime law, you can harvest derelict vessels.

Look at a person. If I was mentally retarded with a 40 IQ and didn’t even know what a toilet was, I couldn’t make contract. Or someone in a coma.

So when someone walks into court, the judge looks at you and sees a vessel

The Judge assumes your intelligence until you open your mouth, or hand the judge a piece of paper written in adverb-verb, which says nothing.

And so the judge has to make a determination about your volition, to come into the court room, to board the vessel in drydock.

Post office Controls Vessels

DWM says that all courtrooms world-wide are foreign vessels in drydock.

When you walk into that courthouse you’ve left your country, or standing under your contract.

On 29 August 1999, DWM goes to United Nations to sue the USA govt for the CSSCPSG of the flag of the USA.

And he syntaxes the definition, and articulates the description and dimensions.

DWM’s the first person to do this correct…

So therefore he owns the flag of the USA, 1 to 1.9 dimension.

That flag is now called the Correct-Sentence_Structure-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-Flag.

It has no affiliation with a country, it is a condition of state that exists on contract.

A contract, a piece of paper is a closed area.
(i.e. a court)

The words on the paper are the terms of the closed area, called COURT.

When two or more people sign a document, on a closed area, in a court, it’s called a contract.

And synonym of contract is CONSTITUTION.

Contract = Constitution

UN= No
ITE = Citizen
ED = In past time

Because we have no citizens, we are now a corporate entity.

When you enter a foreign vessel in dry-dock, you are no longer on planet earth.

You are on a piece of paper, as a person (Corporation)

Now you are a corporate entity.

When you are a corporate entity, you are identified as a Nom De Guerre, a dead entity,

Because you are no longer living.

Does too plus 2 equal FORE?

Does two plus to equal four?

In other words, you have to put things on paper. Your volition of what you think is not actually what you heard.

So when you write it on paper it now becomes a contract.

A constitution.

If you autograph something, you authenticate it. You give it authority.

And when you put your signature, on an adverb-verb document, that’s a simulation, it says nothing.

And you are no longer a living breathing entity,

You are making an argument on a piece of paper, so we call you a Nom de Guerre, on a piece of paper.

Quantum language has jurisdiction over all countries, all languages, all religions, all political organizations globally.

If you don’t learn this technology, you will always be trapped.

Because through your inaction, you’re agreeing to be a vessel, under the control of the Post office.

And remember, the Post Office controls all government and militaries, planet-wide.