Quantum paperwork is the Court, not the building or the Courtroom, according to David-Wynn Miller..

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When you file your paperwork, this is the title you put on your paperwork:


DI = Original
STRICT = Jurisdiction

TER = Terra
ORY = Contract

So when you file in the “United States District Court “ it means

United = no citizen; DIS-Trict = Demon god of the underworld for trickery in a closed area called court

You make a presumption and you’re going to be tricked…

And when you file a Quantum document, they’re going to go ballistic on you, but this is where you’re at.

This is the correct title.

Don’t forget, what you put on your paperwork is the contract of what the court is going to be.

If you want to call it a “demon god court” you’re going to be treated like a trick.

You’re going to be denied things.

And if you use the correct sentence structure on your quantum paperwork, you’re going to get correct sentence structure

Because Truth in – Truth out

Fiction in – Fiction out

All the adhesive contracts you make since you’re 18 years old, are all adverb-verb fiction.

You believe, and give value to that fiction, because you enter into commerce, and use money, to give it value.

And your contract proves that illusion you give value to, whether it be a mortgage a car payment, your driver’s license, marriage contracts, divorce contracts, all these things.

Remember: Fiction in – Fiction out

The paperwork Is The Court

Every law in America and Australia says: “No person shall…”

If you have anything that is negative you can’t create it, because it’s a negative contract.

So if you put the word “NO” in front of any word that’s a fact… then why would you put “NO” in front of a fact?

That makes it a “NO-Fact”. And therefore you have a “No-Person”. What is a “No-Person”?

NO is an adverb making Person to be a verb and SHALL is an adverb in future time, which means you don’t exist in “Now-Time.” And at the same time they call “No Persons”, which means you’re not corporations.

Because what do you need to have a corporation?

You need two or more people in a quantum contract on a single piece of paper.

So if it’s written in adverb-verb, you don’t have a contract, therefore you’re not a person…

Quantum Paperwork Protects You

Study this technology, to write a contract to protect your assets …

And put it with your children or with somebody or with another corporation or in a trust so it’s protected, and can’t be taxed.

You’ve got to do your homework on quantum paperwork ahead of time.

When your contract is written in quantum, it can’t go into court because it’s a fact.

Because private contracts supersede judicial law.

So make sure your private contracts are correct.

Private contract supersedes judicial interference by courts…

If husband and wife want to get a divorce, then sit around the kitchen table and do it yourselves. You don’t even need a lawyer. Because you can sign a private contract, and it’s done. A lawyer can’t undo it, and nor can a judge. They will approve it 72 hours later, so it becomes official.

You’ve got to wait six months in most cases and you’re free.

If you hire a lawyer, the two lawyers will get you to fight until there’s nothing left, and then they will settle because there’s nothing left to divide.

But if anybody wants a divorce, there’s divorce contracts are already written in DWM’s book for you to copy.

Whether there are kids involved or no kids involved, there’s contracts for both. They’ve already been approved by the courts, and they’re free.

So you can’t beat the price.

Private Contracts Rule

Though private contract supersedes, you have to stay within the confinements of real estate laws and transfer quick claim deeds. You’ve got to be careful, and make sure your taxes are taken care of. And any transfer fees are paid, licensing is done, etc.

Make sure you do your due diligence, especially with property sales etc., because don’t forget, you don’t actually own that property.

Suppose you buy property on a contract that’s written in adverb-verb.

And that land comes to the government because they kill the people living on the land.

So it’s an [F]ailing which means corruption from the beginning contract.

The military is there to make sure that no one interferes with the illusion of contract as long as you’re on it.

If you don’t pay your taxes, 90 days later you don’t live there anymore. They’ll find somebody else to pay the taxes and sell it at a tax auction.

Even though you’re writing in another language you’ll put the English words in and the math will always work the same… When you write things that don’t have a English translation, and you can’t find a word remaining for it, you use the English word.

The language is created in adverb-verb from the beginning, and the math will put the missing words in the math to certify that that word does belong there, or the volition of what that word means.

Since you can’t have two nouns together and say it makes sense, because it’s an adjective pronoun.

And you have to certify the terms.

Chinese Quantum Paperwork

If you just write in all nouns like the Hebrew language, you only have adjective-pronouns, and therefore you lose the ability to identify the 1 : 900 accuracy of the sentence.

Therefore it’s chaos.

And if you have chaos, no one’s going to do contract with you.

So now there’s a vehicle through this technology to fix it.

In 2000 the Chinese government (better known as WalMart) have only hundred stores in America.

DWM goes to the Chines Embassy in New York City. He gives them the treaty on the math interface on language. This allows them to translate the 10,000 symbols of the Chinese language into English.

But it takes them 6 months.

With this technology, in 6 hours they write a quantumised-contract for international trade and bring commerce to the United States and back and forth.

Now there’s 1,800 Walmart stores in the United States, controlling a $trillion/year in commerce.

So Chinese really like this quantum paperwork

And it turns a complex picture into a mathematical procedure.

DWM: Fiction in = Fiction out.

Thinking = Volition

Your thinking is called volition.

So the condition of thinking by your own confession is the conduct.

Now here’s the point:

You walk into the bank and you’re going to write a check, but you don’t have a pen.

On the counter there’s a pen, so you pick it up. When you get done with your banking back and forth, you put your checkbook away… Then you put the pen in your pocket and walk out…no problem.

Yet when the next guy comes in, he checks the monitors, looks for the cameras all over the bank. But he looks at the pen and hesitates for a minute before picking it up.

He does his banking, but instead of putting the pen back in the bucket… and since he didn’t ask permission to take it… so he checks the monitors to see if anybody’s looking, and then puts it in his pocket with hesitation, and walks out.

The first guy does his banking, and he’s innocent because he’s doing his business

While the second guy is shoplifting a pen, and is guilty of stealing. Because the jury will look at the camera because he does this with his eyes and say that man’s guilty of body-language shoplifting.

Body language, without words, shows his guilt, that’s his volition.

Everything is based on time.

What’s your volition at the time of the crime?

In Salt Lake City a young girl has a baby. Years later, she’s 33 years old, and her child needs a blood transfusion. So the mother of the child asks the grandfather came forward to give blood for this child.

When the run a blood test, it turns out he’s the father, and he’s raped his daughter when she was 12, creating the child.

Now, 20 years later, because of the blood transfusion, they are able to make a determination that the man is guilty of incest with his 12 year-old-daughter. So he goes to prison for life

It’s the person’s conduct at the time and place that’s against the law, in all cultures worldwide for all time. So it doesn’t matter when they catch you, because there’s no statute of limitations for rape or for murder anywhere in the world.

You commit a murder in your country, and go anywhere in the world… you’ll be extradited back to your country.

All Courts Are The Same Jurisdiction Worldwide.

They are all foreign vessels in dry-dock. And they all have rules and regulations for murder and rape and specific drug dealings and criminal activities, treason, and conspiracies like spying.

There’s no statute of limitations for murder or for rape.

You can be found guilty and they got physical evidence with because of CSI and they can do that through DNA today you’re going to prison

Q: If the central banks lend money to the governments and the banks… And the privately owned central banks collude with the retail banks to then, through fractional reserve lending, enslave everybody… what’s the volition of their contract?

DWM: Well, they offer, you accept. Unless you go to the bank and syntax your mortgage contract… You want the money, so you play the game…

So you get the house, have a roof over your head and support your family…

But if you take the time you could write your own contract in syntax and take it to the bank and say we accept this because it’s correct…

Does the lender have an education to understand quantum language? Or does he even understand the fact that there is syntax available to him/her?

The answer is you walk into the bank and ask any bank teller or bank president, “Do you understand what the word syntax means?”

Look at their eyes: Some people are absolutely surprised when they hear the word “Syntax”

They don’t even know what that means… and they really are star-struck

So when you start showing them little pieces of information… suddenly they go: “Oh, we got a problem”

Then they get scared… am I going to lose my job if I ruffle feathers of the other people who don’t understand the syntax…

Because, remember what I told you?

First rule of business… don’t hire your replacement.

Nobody wants to lose their job.

Quantum Paperwork & The Law of The Flag.

Law the flag says if you don’t wish to make contract, do not come under my flag.

And you read about flags of all different countries…

Look at the Olympics taking place… Every nation that participates… What’s the first thing they walk in with? They hold their flag up, and are all under their flag. And when they win, they get their gold medal… Then they put up their flag. It’s always the flag of the country comes first before the people and the awards.

And in Court, that flag on your documents has jurisdiction…

That flag is defined… in the court … on the paper.

So when the judge holds that document… that’s the Court.

Because it isn’t the room, it’s the piece of paper… It’s the vessel that flies the flag.

The Judge Is Bound By The Flag…

If he’s holding your quantum paperwork document in his hand, then he’s holding up the flag.

And you can capture him by saying: “You’ve just traversed with my flag… you’re under law of the flag…”

When you do it right, and you know about the stamp, the flag and the endorsement, and the terminology of syntax…

You will prevail in your court, because they can’t make it go away.

Because it’s physical evidence.

Doesn’t matter if the guy wants a play a game… saying: “Go away, I’m going to dismiss this.”

And you can’t D – I – S. = “Demon god of the underworld for mischief”… against quantum.

They can’t vacate quantum, unless they do it in quantum…

So if a judge hands you an adverb-verb order, it’s still contract. Syntax it, attach it to another complaint and file it back in the court. Then you can sue him for fraud.

He now becomes a defendant against himself

It is simple…

DWM this does it all the time. …For over 30 years.

The best source to learn CSSCPSGP is by reading dwmlc.net, buying a copy of his book, and watching DWM videos.

Because DWM knows that Quantum Paperwork is the Court.